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Marine Supply stocks many marine and military surplus items.

  Coal Hod
Black steel.


  Artis Chimney Cap
Best buy! US-made 6" Artis chimney cap. Heavy galvanized steel; hot dipped galvanized coating.


  Wood block
Varnished wood double block. Ideal for decorating or as a lamp base.
9" block: $19   12" block: $39
10" block: $29   14" block:
(with shackle)

  Wood Cheek Block
Galvanized sheave. Most are bronze roller bushed.

Single and doubles available from 5 to 14"

Priced on request.

  Steel Blocks
Hot dipped galvanized steel blocks. Singles and doubles available. Assorted sizes and styles.

Priced on request.

  Wide Sheave Open Block
To be mounted on line or wire. Black painted steel.


  Galvanized and plain hooks
Assorted sizes and styles.

Priced on request.

  Galvanized Rope thimbles
5/16": $0.40   5/8": $0.99
3/8": $0.55   3/4": $1.95
1/2": $0.75   1": $2.65
9/16": $0.88      

  Sister Hook
Galvanized. Assorted sizes available.

Priced on request.


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